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Works for Large Ensemble
Title Year Instrumentation
Museum of Nottingham Life 2022-23 for chorus & orchestra, commissioned by Streetwise Opera & BBC Concert Orchestra as part of Re:sound with support from Arts Council England
Losing Her Voice 2019 chamber opera about Geraldine Farrar's transition from opera stage to silent film for 2 sopranos, tenor, baritone & chamber ensemble, development & premiere supported by Opera America, British Academy, Leverhulme Trust & UKRI
On Edge 2017 for Icebreaker Ensemble (UK) currently featured on 'System Restart' tour
Broken Machine 2013 for the Curious Chamber Players & mechanical organ for premiere at the Gaudeamus Festival
Slide 2013 for Alarm Will Sound
Addicted to Wah 2012 for flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, piano, violin, cello and bass (Premiered by Ensemble 10/10 at the Huddersfield Festival, UK - Recording available for download.)
Signal 2012 for soprano, mezzo soprano, and chamber orchestra (commissioned by the Albany Symphony's Dogs of Desire Ensemble)
On the Hunt 2011 for horn quartet and orchestra (commissioned by the New York Youth Symphony)
Blue Stew 2010 electric guitar, saxophone, drums and chamber orchestra (commissioned by the Netherlands Youth Orchestra NJO)
ISO Amor 2010 2 sopranos, tenor, chamber orchestra on texts drawn from internet culture
Ice 2008 electric guitar and wind ensemble (commissioned by the Robert Boehmler Foundation)
Stop, Drop and Listen 2008 actor, orchestra and audience (commissioned by the Ann Arbor Symphony)
Bellshift 2008 antiphonal brass ensemble
Pluck 2007 electric guitar, harpsichord and sinfonietta
Blue Maze 2007 orchestra
Jolt! 2006 concert band
Yes.. 2004 electric guitar and orchestra
Songs to Joannes 2003 choir, guitar, piano, percussion and tape
Chamber, Solo and Electronic Works
Title Year Instrumentation
To the Moon: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars Variation 2021 for violin & tuba, commissioned by Coastal Symphony of Georgia to support 'Reaching for the Stars' online music composition programme during pandemic
Into the Depths 2018 for contrabass clarinet & piano, commissioned by Sarah Watts with support from PRSF 'Women Make Music' award - available on CD
'Nuclear Shadow' 2016 commissioned by 'Memorious' Journal on award-winning poetry by Trenton Pollard, for soprano and piano
'We Were the People Who Moved' 2016 a setting of a poem by David Ebenbach for SSAATTBB choir, premiered by the New York Virtuoso Singers conducted by Harold Rosenbaum
Hard Knocks 2016 for bass and electronics for premiere at the Interactions Festival in Bangor, Wales
Dancing on the Edge 2015-16 for solo piano
Wild Winds 2015 for clarinet quartet for premiere by the Miami Clarinet Quartet at NACWPI 2015
A New Illusion 2014 for mezzo-soprano & piano for premiere at Tanglewood Music Festival. This recording features Loralee Songer and ChoEun Lee.
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Suite 2014 for three duos for premiere at Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music
Tremor 2012 for the Asko Schoenberg Ensemble (oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, single strings)
SOS 2011/12 for two percussionists playing large metal sheet and wooden board
Entangled & Entwined 2011 for string quartet (published by Donemus)
First Bite 2011 for Ensemble Klang (two saxophones, trombone, piano, percussion, electric bass)
Fracas 2008 for saxophone, electric guitar, piano, drums
Taut 2007 violin and koto (released on Centaur Records by vio-LINK-oto)
Fractured 2007 electric guitar and ambisonic sound processing
Intervals 2007 carillon
Blue Maze (chamber) 2006 flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano
Dead Line Dance 2005 string quartet
Babel 2005 soprano and piano
Yes...(solo) 2005 electric guitar
Echotic 2003 clarinet/bass clarinet, string quintet, piano, percussion
elizabeth.a.kelly@yale.edu 2002 8-channel playback
Sparse Rime 2002 solo clarinet
Vertigo 2002 clarinet and bassoon
The Chimney Sweeper 2001 soprano, E-flat clarinet, cello